Lab Members

We strive to build a welcoming and supportive lab environment where each lab member feels safe and is enabled to reach their full potential. We want to train the next generation of diverse change makers. 

If any of the questions we address resonate with you, please reach out! We are always looking for new lab members and collaborators.

Hawa Racine Thiam, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering

Sarafan ChEM-H Institute Scholar

Chan Zuckerberg Biohub Investigator


Hawa is a physicist by training who got hooked to biology by the nucleus and is fascinated by extreme cell behaviors. Before starting a nucleus-centered (or actually any science-related) conversation with her, make sure to have at least an hour to spare. 

Brandon Seale, B.S.

Administrative Associate III

Brandon Seale first joined Stanford in 2019 in the Stanford School of Engineering, where he was a rotating admin and gained a wide variety of experience supporting labs in various departments within the School of Engineering. He has now found his home in the Bioengineering Department. He is a foodie and loves to travel.

Manasi Sawant, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Manasi earned her Ph.D. from Institute Pasteur of Lille, France working on the molecular mechanisms of intestinal parasite infections. She is currently working on the mechanisms of chromatin reorganization during NETosis. As a newbie to the bay area, she likes to explore the hike trails of sunny California.

Regina Sanchez Flores, B.S.

Life Science Research Professional

Regina is a biotech engineer with research experience in developmental and translational immunology, disease modeling, biomaterials, and 3D bioprinting for applications in drug screening, regenerative medicine, and personalized medicine. Regina loves running, in the lab and out.

Minwoo Kang, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Minwoo is trained as a mechanical engineer focusing on cell mechanics and Mechanobiology during his PhD program. He is currently working on the mechanisms of nuclear remodeling during NETosis. He likes to play with (or tease) his cat, Finn.

Ezra Haddad, M.S

Ph.D. Student

Ezra is a PhD student in Bioengineering. He is exploring the dynamics of immune cell adaptation to mechanical stimuli, crucial for understanding pathogen defense mechanisms and developing targeted immunotherapies. Outside the lab, Ezra finds balance in baking and hiking, and stays connected to his roots by FaceTiming his cat back home.

Rocky An, B.S. 

Rotating Graduate Student Researcher 

Rocky is a Bioengineering graduate student. He is currently working on microgravity. He is fascinated by cellular force-sensing to better understand inflammation, and the origins of intercellular/multicellular information flow. Outside of the lab, Rocky likes composing and playing guitar music.

Allen Yesin, B.S. 

Rotating Graduate Student Researcher 

Allen is a current Bioengineering PhD student interested in forces transmitted by neutrophils during NETosis. He is originally from San Francisco, and did his undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego. When not in the lab, he loves spending time in nature and exploring new foods.

Shay Sharma

Undergraduate Researcher

Shay (B.S. ‘25) is majoring in Human Biology. He is interested in space medicine and leads the Stanford Student Space Initiative Biology Team. His research focuses on the impact of simulated microgravity on immune cell. In his spare time, Shay enjoys calligraphy, Taekwondo, crocheting, and music composition using natural wildlife sounds.


Emilie Kono, B.S. 

Graduate Student Researcher

Emilie is a Bioengineer (B.S. '22; M.S. '23) and is currently a PhD student at Berkeley. During her time in the lab, she worked on computational analysis of nuclear volume changes during NETosis. Emilie started in the lab before our first order was in; this takes courage!

Aidan Cabral, B.S. 

Rotating Graduate Student Researcher 

Aidan is a Bioengineering graduate student. During his time in the lab, he worked on the biophysics of the plasma membrane during NETosis. Being from southern California, he enjoys trips out to the beach and attempts to surf.

Zoe Brickley, B.S. 

Undergraduate Researcher

Zoe is an intended Bioengineering major interested in researching immune responses and viral infection to develop more effective treatments for HIV and cancer. 

Neelanjan Akuli, M.S.

Rotating Graduate Student Researcher 

Neelanjan is a Mechanical engineering graduate student. He worked in the lab on single cell NETosis.